Deranged in SL was the brainstorming of the original owners, Wire Frost and Dliela Munro 2 Americans, along with co-owners Naxzul Graves from Australia and Shayla Larkin from Canada.

We opened on a very small parcel of land in 2008. Well before you knew it we needed more space as the rockers kept coming!
We had DJs from all over the globe spinning tunes and we tried to keep deranged open 24/7.

We’ve had our share of haters and griefers but we always prevailed!
We had a full Sim at one time with many retail shops (mall) which helped keep Deranged going. Hundred of SL players walked through our doors daily.

Deranged has weathered many a storm over the years but as you see it still remains. 
The dedication of the staff (who are longtime staff members along with some new) keep it rocking and the patrons who we call rockers always come back to a place they will see a familiar face and still call it home.I truly am grateful for people like Alister Mirandas Padraig Rob Disturbias and so many more.

As I Dliela Munro rarely have the time to come into SL these days. A lot in both worlds has changed for me.

I am truly happy that Deranged still rocks in SL!

Dliela Munro