Our DJ's


I found Deranged in 2009 and learned how to DJ from the awesome staff, I have been a DJ on SL for over 10 years since and worked to bring back my favorite club, Deranged!

Dj Mirs

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Dj Rob

I started Dj'ing back in 2002 on a radio station tied to an IRC server then moved to an actual internet radio station (now defunct) until 2008.
Found secondlife in 2009 and that year I became a Deranged DJ and have loved the club ever since.

Dj Chii

Bio Pending


Bio Pending

Dj Andromeda

I have been DJing in SL since 2008, took a break for a while but when I came back I wanted to DJ and rock out in SL again so I DJ'd at a few clubs before I found Deranged, where it seems I belong. I have DJ'd and managed at several clubs over the years but am thrilled to be a DJ and DJ manager for Deranged.